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Why Choose Us

We provide an alternative method of resolving complaints without you having to go to court. Through the mediation process, the individuals involved in a dispute work out their own solutions with our help. We do not enforce a decision on the individuals, but help guide all parties in reaching a solution. Since the individuals involved in the dispute play active roles in resolving the program, they usually are comfortable and supportive of the solution.

Successful mediations often result in written agreements that are signed by both individuals in a dispute. If the parties do not reach a mutually agreeable solution, either or both of the parties may still file a court action.

Image by Olenka Kotyk

Our Founder

Howard Kline is the founder of TKGADR Mediation & Arbitration Services. He has negotiated thousands of agreements and served as a legal advocate in over a thousand lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations for over 46 years, throughout the United states. Submit your dispute below to see if he will be a good fit for your mediation and arbitration needs.

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